Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Ultimate Wedding Giveaway: Congratulations to Cori and Chris!

This great photo courtesy of Hamilton Photography Hire them for your wedding!

The Bistro at South River along with a talented team of vendors gave away a wedding valued at $50,000! All the top vendors involved (including Wedding Savvy!) loved the idea of letting any couple have a shot to win a free wedding with only only qualifier: be fun! We are SO excited to tell you that the promotion has been green lighted for 2013 -- so start planning your 2013 entry videos now!

The wedding will be held on Oct. 26th 2012 in the newly built Adirondack Room at The Bistro at South River. It will be the area's newest stunning upscale venue for wedding receptions. check it out by clicking HERE.

Thanks to our amazing vendor team for offering their time and talent and making the mall event a dream come true for the winning couple! Jewelers Liljenquist & Beckstead, Floral Artist Contessa Flowers, Grand Rental Events, Fiona's Cakes, Hamilton Photography, Orange Element and the Bistro at South River.

Stay tuned as we follow Cori and Chris as they plan away from now until the wedding day! More to come.

As always, thanks to everyone for their support!!

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Rosie said...

Wow, this is great! Can't wait to follow them and see what the vendors come up with! Very exciting!